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Rapid Recovery™ 1/10 Kinetic Combo Strap

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Designed to hook on the front and rear bumpers, this kinetic combo strap works perfect as a tow strap or a self recovery winch strap. It features a loop end for easy and secure attachment to a shackle or simply loop it through itself to secure it to your truck. Can be used in the front as a kinetic winch, or in the rear as a quick deploy tow strap. Adds up to 4 pounds of pulling assistance under full load.
It includes our 7075 Ultimate Scale Hook on the end, which fits over roll cages, shackles, and more. It also catches on tree roots and rock ledges all without the need for a land anchor.


  • Length - 20 Inches (No Load)
  • Pull Power - Adds up to 4 pounds of pulling power at full stretch
  • Uses a loop end for easy attachment to your truck
Notes: This strap is designed for external use only as it is too short for an integrated setup.