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Micro Servo Winch Mount (Axial Capra)

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Looking to mount a micro Servo Winch to your Axial Capra? Then look no further. I designed this mount to tuck right in front of the battery while still allowing full use of the battery compartment. Also, the grille has a built in fairlead. for the winch line. It's designed to work with the factory axial headlight lenses and LED's as well. 

Package Includes:

  • Micro Servo Mount (1 Piece)
  • Front Grille With Metal Rope Guide (1 Piece)
  • M2 Screws (4 Pieces)
  • M3 Screws (4 Pieces)

Product Notes: This kit re-uses the clear headlight lenses from your stock grille. If you need headlight lenses, they are Axial Part# AXI230010. Servo winch not included.