Capra Micro Servo Winch Mount (Yoda)

Capra Micro Servo Winch Mount (Yoda)
Capra Micro Servo Winch Mount (Yoda)
Capra Micro Servo Winch Mount (Yoda)

Capra Micro Servo Winch Mount (Yoda)

For Axial
Ships to you for as little as $2.99!

Looking to mount a micro Servo Winch to your Axial Capra? Then look no further. I designed this mount to tuck right in front of the battery while still allowing full use of the battery compartment. Also, the grille has a built in fairlead. for the winch line. It's designed to work with the factory axial headlight lenses and LED's as well. 

Kit Includes:

  • Micro Servo Mount (1 Piece)
  • Front Grille With Built-in Fairlead (1 Piece)
  • Roof Mount Rope Guide and Pulley (1 Piece)
  • M2.5x6mm Button Head Screws (4 Pieces)
  • M3x8mm Button Head Screws (4 Pieces)
  • M3x10mm Button Head Screw (1 Piece)
  • M3x25mm Button Head Screw (1 Piece)

Axial Replacement Headlight Lenses: Part#AXI230010 (From your favorite dealer) 


To install, you will need to lightly shave the cross brace as shown for pulley clearance. We used a fiberglass cutoff wheel on a Dremel here.


This kit also includes a bonus roof line guide with roller that works great for side pulls and rollover assistance.


    Product Notes: You will need to glue the headlight lenses into the grille. You can use a drop of CA glue (doesn't need much, too much may cause the lenses to turn cloudy) or some Shoe Goo or similar to hold them in place. Finish work may be required to headlight openings with a hobby knife for lenses to fit well. Reef's 99 Micro Servo Winch shown in the photos sold separately from your favorite Reef's RC supplier. 

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