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Axial Base Camp & K10 Forward Battery Tray

Axial Base Camp & K10 Forward Battery Tray

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This forward battery tray allows you to mount a 850mah through 2200mah lipo battery just behind the front servo tray. Adjustable to fit a variety of battery sizes. Includes a new, shorter battery strap as well for those smaller packs.


    • Battery Tray (1 Piece)
    • Battery Stops (2 Pieces)
    • Battery Strap (1 Piece)
    • M3x10 Flat Head Screws (2 Pieces)
    • M3x10 Washer Head Screws (4 Pieces)


    • Will not work with inner fenders without modification.
    • Accepts batteries with a maximum size of 35mm wide and 112mm long.
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    • Manufacturing Process

      Technology: MSLA 3D Printed

      Material: ABS-Like Resin

      Deformation Temperature: 176°F

      Shore Hardness: 75D

    • Please Note

      Due to the nature of 3D printing there may be small surface blemishes on the final part(s). These are purely aesthetic and will not hurt the parts functionality.