Element RC Enduro24 Bearing Kit (22 Bearings)

Element RC Enduro24 Bearing Kit (22 Bearings)

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When you're looking for durable bearings that are low in maintenance our Elements Series bearings are what you need. They feature chrome steel construction with durable rubber seals on both sides and are lubricated with a marine grade grease.  


  • Element RC Enduro24 1/24 Crawler RTR Sendero Trail Truck
  • 1/24 RGT V2 Adventurer

Kit Notes: There are 2 of the 4x8x3mm bearings that are not replaceable in the front axle at the ring gear due to the outer dogbone pins pressed in after bushing installation from the factory. We have included these if you wish to try to install them.

Some aftermarket parts may use different sized bearings than what came with the vehicle from the factory.

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