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Duraline™ Winch Line with Kinetic Multi Hook

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Our Duraline™ Winch Rope kit includes a small piece of our kinetic shock cord attached to our stainless steel multi hook to take up the slack when attached to the back of your truck. It also helps to hold tension on the hook when in use for a stronger bite and less chance of coming detached. Includes a stainless steel ring for easy attachment. The shock cord is rated for 40 pounds, or winches up to 640 oz in!

Our Multi Hook has been the go-to hook for years. It's easy to deploy and grabs onto a variety of terrain for easy attachment and quick recoveries. Made from Stainless Steel.

Kit also includes 5 feet of our 1.0mm winch rope which super strong and highly abrasion resistant. Our scale rope is made from the same strong material that the full size synthetic winch ropes are made from.

This Package Includes:

  • Synthetic Winch Rope -  1.0mm thick 250 lb (5 Foot)
  • Stainless Steel Multi Hook w/ Kinetic Cord and Stainless Ring (1 Piece) 
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