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Ascend™ Comp Chassis Kit (Fits TRX4M)

Ascend™ Comp Chassis Kit (Fits TRX4M)

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Introducing the Ascend™ chassis for the TRX-4M. This kit allows you to convert your stock TRX-4M to a full on comp crawler, and includes everything needed except for the body. Parts are made from durable 6061 aluminum and PA-12 nylon, it will hold up to all of the abuse you can throw at it.


  • Adds extra clearance for greater approach and departure angles.
  • Much lighter than the stock chassis and body combination.
  • More suspension adjustability than stock, with increased suspension articulation.
  • Includes our Lay Down Steering Kit
  • Provisions for the DSM Rapid Recovery™ kinetic winch strap. (Not included, requires a 1/24 HD kinetic strap)
  • Designed to work with the Axial SCX24 Gladiator body, and similar 155mm wheel base bodies. Will not work with the stock TRX-4M bodies.
  • Servo winch capable with our optional servo winch kit.

Package Includes:

  • 6061 Black Aluminum Chassis Rails (2 Pieces)
  • Front Bumper (1 Piece)
  • Body Mount Set (1 Kit)
  • Lay Down Steering Kit (1 Kit)
  • Electronics Tray (1 Piece)
  • M2x8 Screws (8 Pieces)
  • M2x10 Screws (4 Pieces)
  • M2.5x8 Screws (10 Pieces)
  • M2.5x10 Screw (1 Piece)
  • M2.5 Lock Nuts (4 Pieces)
  • Hook & Loop Squares (4 Pairs)
  • 4" Cable Ties (4 Pieces)
  • Instructions

Please Note: Will not work with the stock TRX-4M bodies. We suggest using the Axial SCX24 Gladiator body (#AXI200005) and body clips (#AXI206000) or the LGRP X-Factor body.

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