Dravtech 10mm Springs (Hard)

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Dravtech 10mm Springs (Hard)

Colors are for reference only to the type of spring and rate. Springs will NOT come in this color. All springs are either black or raw/silver color. All springs are sold in pairs.

Ultra soft = White
Soft = Blue - previously no paint
Medium = Red - previously blue
Hard = Green

To give an idea of how hard these are, here is what it takes to fully compress each spring:
Hard spring approx 76oz or 4.75lbs
X Hard spring approx 96oz or 6lbs

DravTech Springs compared to the Losi Mini-T front springs in regards of spring rate

  • DravTech Ultra Soft/White - 0.07 N/mm
  • Losi Pink - 0.13 N/mm
  • DravTech Soft/Black - 0.13 N/mm
  • Losi Red - 0.25 N/mm
  • Dravtech Medium/Red - 0.25 N/mm
  • Losi Orange - 0.35 N/mm
  • DravTech Hard/Green - 0.35 N/mm



Warning for all of our products:
Our products are not toys and are not designed to be used by children under 14 years old without adult supervision.
Warning for Recovery Gear: Please use caution when performing recoveries as injury could result while under tension.
Warning for Bearings: This product can expose you to grease, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer.
For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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