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Crossbar Micro Servo Winch Mount Kit

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This universal micro servo winch mount was designed to allow for easy installation of a servo winch to your GSPEED chassis with the GSPEED laydown servo mount. It mounts in the center of the chassis so that it doesn't change your chassis balance. Features a built in rope guide to keep the rope from dropping off of the spool. It also works great to mount the servo winch to other cross bar locations too!

Crossbar Mount Kit Includes:

  • Micro Servo Winch Mount with Rope Guide
  • M2x8 Screws (4 Pieces)
  • M3x10 Screws (2 Pieces)
  • Duraline™ Winch Line (5 Foot)
  • Stainless Steel Multi Hook (1 Piece)


GSPEED Laydown Servo Mount Install Notes: 

To mount the servo winch to the GSPEED Laydown Mount you will need to drill and tap two M3 holes in the steering servo mount to secure the bracket. You can also just drill 2 1/8" holes and use longer screws with nuts as well (not included) to attach the bracket if you do not have an M3 tap.