CAL System for Element RC (Stock Chassis)
CAL System for Element RC (Stock Chassis)
CAL System for Element RC (Stock Chassis)
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CAL System for Element RC (Stock Chassis)

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Product Description:

Our Chassis Anti-Lift (CAL) System was designed to help with those steep decents by keeping the rear suspension from unloading which can cause a shift in weight transfer to the front resulting in a nose over roll. You can adjust the tension on the shock cord to control how much anti-lift you need. It does not hurt suspension movement or articulation and works better than a hard limiting strap as it does allow the axle to move under pressure.  Includes a spare piece of shock cord. 

Included with this kit:

  • CAL Chassis Bracket (1 Piece)
  • CAL Chassis Bracket Cord Clamp (1 Piece)
  • CAL Axle Bracket (1 Piece)
  • 3 Inch Shock Cord (2 Pieces)
  • M2x8mm Stainless Screws (2 Pieces)
  • M3x5mm Stainless Set Screws (2 Pieces)
  • M3x8mm Stainless Screws (4 Pieces)



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