Beadlock Buddy Wheel Assembly Assistant (Black)

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Beadlock Buddy Wheel Assembly Assistant (Black)

The "Beadlock Buddy" was designed to work on RC beadlock wheels ranging from 1.55 to 2.2 inches in size and works with both rim bolt and center bolt style wheels. This tool allows for easier assembly by squeezing the whole wheel and tire assembly together in one step first so you can easily install the retaining screws. 


  • Outer Ring Clamp (1 Piece)
  • 5 Hole Adapter (1 Piece)
  • 6 Hole Adapter (1 Piece)
  • M4x40mm Stainless Steel Bolt (1 Piece)
  • M4 Stainless Flat Washer (1 Piece)
  • M4 Wing Nut (1 Piece)


Wagon wheels will no longer be a struggle with the Beadlock Buddy!




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