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Element RC Low CG Battery Tray

Element RC Low CG Battery Tray

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This battery tray replaces your stock battery tray with a more adjustable and lighter battery mounting solution that positions your battery as low as possible. It also allows you to mount smaller sized batteries more securely than with the stock battery tray. Accepts most battery packs between 850mah and 2200mah. Works with the stock battery tray mount.


    • Battery Tray (1 Piece)
    • Battery Stop (2 Pieces)
    • Battery Strap (1 Piece)
    • M3 Lock Nut (4 Pieces)
    • M3x12 Washer Head Screw (4 Pieces)


    • Accepts batteries with a maximum size of 35mm wide and 112mm long.  


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    • Manufacturing Process

      Technology: MSLA 3D Printed

      Material: ABS-Like Resin

      Deformation Temperature: 176°F

      Shore Hardness: 75D

    • Please Note

      Due to the nature of 3D printing there may be small surface blemishes on the final part(s). These are purely aesthetic and will not hurt the parts functionality.