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1/18 Kinetic Winch Strap (TRX-4M)

1/18 Kinetic Winch Strap (TRX-4M)

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Using a larger 2mm cord, these kinetic winch straps will help to recover your small 1/18 scale truck from mild hang-ups without any additional assistance. You will find that it works in of your bad and tricky situations without adding much weight to the truck. Works great with the Traxxas TRX-4M and the 1/18 FMS trucks. Not designed to work with the Axial Capra UTB18. Great for heavier 1/24 scale trucks as well.

    Warning: Use with caution as injury could occur while product is under tension. Do not let children use unsupervised.
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    About our Kinetic Shock Cord

    This Dacron Polyester's proprietary design and construction method makes it ideal for prolonged exposure to moisture, sunlight/UV radiation, and the general wear and tear.  The 1000 Denier dacron polyester cover is thick and long-lasting, repelling water and resisting abrasion. Made from top-quality first extruded latex rubber, this cord has a consistent 100% stretch and high modulus that won't lose its elasticity like many other cords on the market.

    All of our kinetic shock cord comes from SGT KNOTS, which is a veteran owned and operated business in North Carolina.