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Arrma 2wd Series Bearing Kit

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These bearings use a proven durable chrome steel construction with rubber seals on both sides to keep dirt and debris at bay. They are lubricated with a marine grade grease to stay rolling smooth when the going gets tough.

Fitment -

  • Arrma 1/10 Mojave 2wd (Mega & BLX)
  • Arrma 1/10 Fury 2wd (Mega & BLX)
  • Arrma 1/10 Raider 2wd (Mega & BLX)
  • Arrma 1/10 Raider XL 2wd (Mega & BLX)
  • Arrma 1/10 Granite 2wd (Mega & BLX, Not Voltage)
  • Arrma 1/10 Vorteks 2wd (Mega & BLX)

Package Includes -

  • 5x10x4mm (10 Pieces)
  • 5x13x4mm (2 Pieces)
  • 10x15x4mm (2 Pieces)

Please Note: This is a factory replacement kit. Some aftermarket parts may use different sized bearings than what came with the vehicle from the factory and will not be included with this kit.

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