Please note: If you are running aftermarket or different bumper mounts than shown you will either need to switch to this style or modify your current bumper mounts to work with this kit. Some modifications may be required to make this kit work for your vehicle.
Replace the left side screw pin that secures the rear bumper to the mount with the included 3x16mm screw and pulley assembly as shown below. 
Make sure to not over-tighten the screw so that the pulley spins freely.
Now install the included shoulder screw into the front bumper brace factory hole. The loop end of the kinetic strap will fit over this as shown below.
Make sure the fair lead opening in your bumper is opened up big enough to fit the kinetic strap through. With the included plastic stock bumper (or the optional Axial 2012 Jeep JK bumper AXI80125 that we are using) you can drill a hole in the bumper large enough to pass the loop end of the kinetic strap through. Bevel the edge of the hole with a hobby knife so the rope slides easier on it. Also you will need to trim some of the bracing in the bumper mount as shown so the line can pass through.
With the stock bumper you can make the hook recess all the way into the bumper if you choose as there isn't anywhere to hook it as shown here:

Note: Depending on the bumper you are using for your truck you may need to enlarge the opening slightly that you want to pass the line through so it doesn't cause resistance or if you do not have a bumper with a fair lead you may have to fabricate something different to guide the kinetic line, such as using a shackle.
Now you can feed the line through as shown. You want to keep it straight as possible. \We find that if you run the line to the back and then back up to the front without putting it over the pulley until last it is easier to install.
You will need to use a lighter to melt the end of the kinetic line and then re-tie the figure 8 knot to secure the multi anchor back onto the end of the line as shown below. You MUST use a figure 8 knot in this location as it is designed to tighten under load. 
Here are some other bumpers we have found to work well with our Integrated Self Recovery System that include molded in fairleads:
Cick link to buy on AMain Hobbies: Vanquish VPS10122 Origin Pro Tube Bumpers 
Width: 7 inches
Notes: Uses the standard SCX10 style 2 post mounting. 
Cick link to buy on AMain Hobbies: Element RC ASC42146 Trail Walker RTR Bumpers
Notes: Uses standard 2 pin setup to install. Use without included fairlead.