Driver Sponsorships

We are currently not accepting anymore applications at this time.

We are looking for people who can be a positive spokesperson for DSM Off-Road and can help with brand awareness and share their experiences with our products as well as help people new to our brand to use our products to enhance their experiences. In return our brand ambassadors will get a discount on our website for any products they wish to purchase for themselves as well as apparel and other perks such as testing out new products. 

As a team member, it’s important to remember that the goals are to always represent the brand in a positive manner which has a positive influence for the RC community and manufacturer alike. DSM Off-Road makes a commitment to assist our brand ambassadors and in return we require your service as a representative in the field.  Keep in mind that when you become a team driver, you become a point of focus at any event that you attend (both local and national).  Other hobby enthusiasts will seek you out, ask many questions, and it will be your job to be courteous, patient, and helpful. We appreciate all of our team members!

If you would like to be a part of the DSM Off-Road team please fill out the form below and our Team Manager will get back with you.