2021 DSM Off-Road Team Driver Agreement

This Team Driver Agreement outlines the team values of the team driver program for the DSM Off-Road brand. This is not a contract agreement; it is a shared understanding to represent the DSM Off-Road brand both privately and publicly. Team drivers will receive a 50% discount on parts and accessories through the DSM Off-Road website. Team discount percentages can change based on performance participation.

Any violations of the below team values will result in removal from the team driver program. 

  • Team drivers may only use their team discount to purchase DSM Off-Road products for themselves and not for anyone else.
  • Team drivers are not to talk negatively or bash other RC brands.
  • Team drivers are to support the brand and answer any questions that potential customers may have.
  • If a team driver does not want to be a team driver anymore, he/she can suspend their participation by contacting Peter, the team manager.
  • Team drivers are to post four times a month on social meeting platforms by displaying quality content of DSM Off-Road products. While posting on social media, team driver must tag the DSM Off-Road company in posts and use the hashtag #DSMOFFROAD.
  • Team drivers are to only use company approved logos and are not to alter any approved company logos. Feel free to use the DSM Off-Road logo to watermark any of your images. A link to approved logos can be found at the bottom of the website.
  • Team drivers are to test and review new products and provide feedback/suggestions to management.
  • If team drivers participate in competitions, they are required to promote the brand by displaying approved company promotional items such as t-shirts, hats, and installed products on their crawlers. Also display the DSM Off-Road banner whenever possible.
  • Team drivers should be available to answer any questions about the company products.
  • Team drivers are required to act in a professional manner while at competitions and when posting on social media.
  • Team drivers grant DSM Off-Road permission to post their builds and work on their social media platforms.
  • Team drivers shall never publicly bash the DSM Off-Road brand. Any and all issues should be brought to the attention of management.
  • Team drivers should display the DSM Off-Road logo stickers on all vehicles in a central location.
  • Have fun while using the product!
  • Team Driver Term: 1 year (Expires on 12/31/2021)

Mailing Address:

Please list your current vehicles that are in use. This will help us send new products to the right people for testing.